• 1978–1981: Ph.D., Mechanical Science, KAIST, Seoul, Korea.
  • 1974–1987: Chief Research Engineer, ADD, Daejeon, Korea.
  • 1984–1986: Visiting Scientist, AMTL (old AMMRC), A Program for Exchange of Scientists between DoD (U.S.A.) and Korea Ministry of Defense.
  • 1987-2020: Director / President, WIT (Research Association approved by Korea Government), Yong-in, Korea.

Published Books:

Representative Papers in Science and Engineering:

  • Fracture characterization of armor ceramics, Ceramic Bulletin, 69(3) 358-366, March, 1990;
  • Semi-brittle fracture instability in the inclined strip yield, Continuum dislocation model”, Material Science and Engineering, Vol 53, 209-21, 1982;
  • Determination of the plastic zone size by cancelling the singularity with proper crack-dislocation-density function”, International Journal of Fracture, Vol 17, R57-62, 1981.
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