Discover Unmatched Clarity in “The Reimagined I Ching (II)”

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“The Reimagined I Ching (II)”

“The Reimagined I Ching (II)” offers an extraordinary deep dive into the original texts of the 64 hexagrams and 384 lines, leveraging the foundational work laid out in its predecessor, Book I. This second installment in the series brings the ancient wisdom of the I Ching into a contemporary light, providing readers with an exceptional tool for understanding and applying its teachings with unprecedented precision.

Revolutionary Interpretation Method

Building on the Interpretation Codes derived from Book I, “The Reimagined I Ching (II)” enhances the traditional understanding of the hexagrams. By substituting the commonly accepted meanings with detailed situational analysis and dynamic sequencing, this book allows for a deeper grasp of each hexagram’s intricacies. This method clarifies the original text’s intent, delivering insights into the sequential dynamics of all related lines with a level of detail never before achieved.

Bridging Languages and Cultures

One of the standout features of “The Reimagined I Ching (II)” is its comprehensive Chinese-English glossary. Every Chinese character found in the original texts is meticulously translated, ensuring that readers are not just passively observing but actively understanding the source material’s true meaning. This bilingual approach solidifies the book’s role as a definitive guide to interpreting the I Ching.

Enhanced Commentary and Analysis

The new commentaries provided by the Interpretation Codes do more than interpret; they illuminate. These commentaries show how the codes align with and even enhance the meanings of the original texts, addressing and resolving the ambiguities that have puzzled scholars for centuries. This commentary layer offers a comprehensive solution to understanding and applying the wisdom of the I Ching.

Visualizing the Balance of Yin and Yang

“The Reimagined I Ching (II)” also introduces a novel way of visualizing the balance of Yin and Yang through a 2D image of each hexagram. This visualization relates the shape depicted to the context of the hexagram, enhancing comprehension and relevance. In the flattened tetrahedron format, the Quad and the Octad (comprising four codes assigned to four vertices and four sides, respectively) illustrate not only the overall situation of the hexagram but also every specific situation of the six lines.

Detailed Awareness Through Recursive Zoom-In

Further deepening the reader’s understanding, the book implements a recursive zoom-in on the codes, allowing for a more nuanced awareness of each layer of meaning. This method reveals the congruence between the ancient text and its modern interpretation, often to surprising effect.


“The Reimagined I Ching (II)” is not just a book; it’s an innovative tool that transforms the I Ching from a mystical artifact into a practical, scientifically-aligned guide to personal and professional decision-making. Its rigorous approach and detailed commentaries make it an indispensable resource for anyone looking to fully understand and apply the timeless wisdom of the I Ching in today’s complex world.

Whether you are a seasoned I Ching enthusiast or a curious newcomer, this book promises to open your eyes to a new level of clarity and applicability. Dive into “The Reimagined I Ching (II)” and experience the ancient wisdom of the I Ching like never before.

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